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About the Artist

I was born 1983 and grew up in Krokstrand by the Iddefjord, on the Swedish west coast, later on in Karlskrona on the east coast.
I am since more than ten years back living and working in Malmoe, Sweden, with my studio located at Vista, an artist collective situated in the industrial area Norra Sorgenfri.
I also run IKOLONI together with Jon Ek. IKOLONI is a changeable room for art and text.
Here you can listen to me when I talk about my art, Konst i Blekinge-podden.
And/or you can take a look at the video below about me and my work.

About my Work

I am often drawn to what I find difficult to work with, like color, which I dislike but that paradoxically comes naturally for me to use.

I also get inspired by the associative aspects of language, and what interests and triggers me can be very simple or even banal concepts such as Tutti Frutti, Bora Bora, false marble, fruit baskets, or a sentence like ”wading in a tropical swamp”. The discrepancy I find within these words appeal to me, and I strain my confusion and existential anxiety through their seemingly one dimensional intentions.

I have also noticed that obvious errors, contradictions and things that create some sort of confusion in ones mind often give way to shifts of unexpected importance – those kinds of shifts have come to influenced my artistry the most.

Exhibitions, grants, publications etc.


2019 – ongoing Lunds universitets författarskola

Solo exhibitions

2020 Life is (not) a Mystery(?), Höörs konsthall, Höör (SE)
2018 Seven Years Of Misery In The Desert, IKOLONI, Malmö (SE)
2017 ! The Tutti Frutti Paintings (Part Two) On Summer Vacay !, Kv Kvarnen, Höganäs (SE)
2016 I Heart See You Spirit, Varbergs lasaretts konstförening, Varberg (SE)
2016 Oh My The Tutti Frutti Head! Makeriet, Malmö (SE)
2014 I Play Color Wild, Candyland, Stockholm (SE)

Group exhibitions

2021 Upcoming, Missionskyrkan, Aspö Drottningskär
2020 Songs for Sigge, Celcius Projects, Malmö (SE)
2017 Karlskrona konsthall, Karlskrona (SE)
2015 Ekva(tio)n, Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2014 Open Studio, Red Gate Residency, Beijing (CN)
2013 Vårt Gislaved, Gislaveds konsthall, Gislaved (SE)
2012 CC Winter Special, CirkulationsCentralen, Malmö (SE)
2012 Limited ECHOES, Studio 44, Stockholm (SE)
2011 CC Winter Special, CirkulationsCentralen, Malmö (SE)
2011 Höstsalongen, Skånes konstförening, Malmö (SE)
2011 V-Art art fair with CirkulationsCentralen, Värnamo (SE)
2011 CC Sommarupplaga, CirkulationsCentralen, Malmö (SE)
2011 Supermarket art fair with CirkulationsCentralen, Stockholm (SE)
2009 On the Wall, CirkulationsCentralen, Malmö (SE)
2009 Tunnel Vision, Dunk, Copenhagen (DK)


2021 Luleå kommun
2020 Region Västmanland
2019 Helsingborgs kommun
2019 Jönköpings kommun
2018 Region Västmanland
2018 Landstinget Sörmland
2017 Hotel Espléndido, Mallorca (private collection)
2014 Stockholms läns landsting
2013 Gislaveds kommun
2012 Landstingsfastigheter Dalarna, Falu Lasarett
2011 Byggdegårdarnas riksförbunds konstsamling (art collection)

Grants, residencies

2021 Studio grant, The City of Malmoe/Ateljéstipendium, Malmö stad
2020 Travel grant/Resestipendium, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse
2017 The Department of Cultural Grants City Of Karlskrona/Karlskrona kommuns kulturstipendium
2017 Move Passionship, grant, Move Management
2016 Studio grant, The City of Malmoe/Ateljéstipendium, Malmö stad
2014 Travel grant/Resestipendium, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse
2014 Artist in Residence, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing/China
2014 The Department of Cultural Grants City of Malmoe/Malmö stads kulturstipendium
2013 Studio grant, The City of Malmoe/Ateljéstipendium, Malmö stad


2020 Text, Ordkonst, literary magazine
2017 Represented, Little Finger, art magazine
2015 Illustrations, Žižek, Augustinus och zombier, Ola Sigurdson, Eskaton
2012 Illustration, book cover for Första skarabéerboken by Stefan Hammarén
2011 Illustration, Subaltern, literary magazine, H:ström text och kultur
2011 Text, Papi, literary magazine
2010 Text, S:t Största skarabéerboken by Stefan Hammarén, H:ström text och kultur
2009 Represented, Subaltern, literary magazine, H:ström text och kultur
2008 Novel, Desynkroniseringens Amalgam, H:ström text och kultur

Scenographic work for theatre

2012 Flickan och havssköldpaddan, props for scenography, Teater Albatross, Tokalynga (SE) (Awarded Best Set Design at the Smolensk Theatre Biennial in Russia 2014)
2009 Beyond the Sea, scenography, Theatre du Chocolat, Yaoundé (CM)
2009 Kongo, scenography/sculpture, Teater Albatross, Toklaynga (SE)
2008 Bortom Havet, scenography, Teater Albatross, Tokalynga (SE)
2007 Raket i röven, scenography, Teater Aktör, Gothenburg (SE)
2005 Uppståndelsen/Ressurection, scenography/props/costume, Teater Albatross/Theater Labor, Tokalynga (SE) Bielefeld (DE)